Yomeishu is a herbal health tonic in which
the medicinal properties of herbs act gently
to regulate general physical condition and
lead to good health.

How Yomeishu works

STEP. 01

Medicinal properties of herbs

Yomeishu contains 14 herbs with the four functions of “circulation,” “supplementation,” “warming,” and “removing,” blended to a proprietary formula to suit the Asian culture and climate. Combining these different herbs results in effects that could not be obtained with the individual herbs on their own.

STEP. 02

Liquor that draws out the medicinal components

Steeping these herbs in liquor extracts their medicinal components in close to a natural state in a way that cannot be achieved with water or other liquids. The herbs’ medicinal components are extracted efficiently, leaving nothing behind.

STEP. 03

Energizing gastrointestinal function

The herbs’ components are delivered to the gastrointestinal tract, where nutrients are absorbed by the body, energizing its function. Large volumes of blood circulate through the gastrointestinal tract.

STEP. 04

Promoting blood flow throughout the whole body

The medicinal components absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract circulate to every corner of the body, improving blood flowand metabolic function to regulate disturbances in the autonomic nervous system.

STEP. 05

Make a strong body

Regularly drinking Yomeishu improves the human body’s inherent power to heal itself, leading to a strong body from the inside.





Cold hands and feet


Poor digestion


Recovery during or after illness


Poor appetite


Weak constitution


Pale looking

Best way to consume

One dose is 20mL.

The amount of Yomeishu for one drink is 20 mL (Up to the inside line of the attached cup). With the natural flavor of cinnamon and slight sweetness, Yomeishu has a preferable taste even for people on their first try. The alcohol content is 14 percent, about the same as that of wine.

3 times per day, before meals and/
or before bedtime.

Yomeishu is a health tonic with a moderate action. Since Yomeishu will steadily exert its efficacy by continuously taking a small amount of it, drinking it three times a day before meals or before sleep is recommended. Good health comes from putting one small effort on another everyday. It's important to drink everyday.

Ingredient / content

Ingredient/content in 60ml
The synergistic effect of 14 different herbs that are blended to make the most of their respective characteristics gives Yomeishu its efficacy as a herbal health tonic.

Epimedii Herba


Curcumae Rhizoma


Cinnamomi Cortex


Carthami Flos


Rehmanniae Radix


Paeoniae Radix


Caryophylli Flos


Eucommiae Cortex


Cistanchis Herba


Ginseng Radix


Saposhnikoviae Radix


Leonuri Herba


Gloydii Musculus et Os


Linderae Umbellatae Ramus


These herbs are steeped in liquor using the tincture method as prescribed in the Pharmacopeia of Japan.
Yomeishu includes mirin, alcohol, liquid glucose, and caramel as additives.
Alcohol content : 14%

Manufacturing environment

The home of Yomeishu is the vast, abundant natural surroundings at the base of the Japanese Alps.

〈The clear air and green forests of the Alps〉
Located in the city of Komagane in Nagano Prefecture, Yomeishu Komagane Plant is surrounded by a wide expanse of forest. With plenty of relaxing space for nature rambles, the sounds of birdsong and the murmuring of the clear streams that have flowed down from the Central Alps delight the ears, while the gentle breezes through the treetops carry the aromas and sounds of the four seasons.

〈The rich, clear flow of streams from Japan’s Central Alps〉
Good quality, ultra-soft water, essential to the production of Yomeishu, is delivered from the Central Alps, naturally filtered and purified by the granite layers of the mountains over many years.



Why does Yomeishu improve various symptoms?


How long is the effective period or preservation period?


Will prolonged consumption result in any adverse effects?


Can Yomeishu be consumed during menstruation?


Can Yomeishu be consumed by diabetics?


Can Yomeishu be consumed by gastric ulcer patients?


Can Yomeishu be consumed in combination with other medicine?


What is the most effective way to drink Yomeishu?


How does Yomeishu differ from other medicinal liqueurs?



1. Do not drink Yomeishu if you are hemorrhaging post-surgery or after birth (because it promotes blood flow).

2. Do not drink Yomeishu before operating a vehicle or heavy machinery (because it contains alcohol).

3. Consult a physician or pharmacist before drinking Yomeishu if any of the following applies.
(1) You are currently being treated by a physician.
(2) You are or think you might be pregnant.
(3) You are breastfeeding.
(4) You or a member of your family have an allergic predisposition.
(5) You have had an allergic reaction to medicine in the past.
(6) You are highly sensitive to alcohol.

4. If any of the following occurs, immediately discontinue use and consult a physician or pharmacist, showing them the package insert.
(1) You develop a rash, redness, and/or itch after drinking.
(2) Your experience stomach discomfort after drinking.
(3) Your symptoms do not improve even after extended use.

5. Be sure to read the package insert before drinking Yomeishu.

Storage and handling precautions

Store with the lid closed tightly in a cool place with low humidity that is not exposed to direct sunlight. Store out of reach of children. Do not transfer into a different container. (This may result in misuse or changes in the quality of the product.) Do not drink the product if it is past its expiry date. For reasons of maintaining quality, once the bottle is opened, consume the entire contents within a few months. This product has a distinctive odor that may attract insects. Replace the lid as soon as possible after drinking. Due to humidity and other reasons, some of the product may dry out and adhere to the bottle mouth or cap. If this happens, wipe away gently with a clean gauze or other cloth. Due to factors such as the ambient temperature or the temperature of the liquid at the time of drinking, the taste and aroma may seem different, but there is no change in the quality.

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