Yomeishu Komagane Plant

The home town of Yomeishu is on the foot of Japanテヤ Central Alps, a highland 800 meters above sea level, in Komagane city, Nagano Prefecture, Japan.  The plant was established based on the theme of ナゥarmony with natureヌ‖nd the site has a total area of some 360,000 square meters, of which 70% remains natural-growth forest. The natural environment is protected by particularly keeping the situation of the area between the plant and Japanテヤ Central Alps, being no private houses.

With Japan痴 Central Alps on its back, this land is famous for affluent water from old times. High quality water necessary for manufacturing Yomeishu is mineral water springing out of granite layers in Japan痴 Central Alps. The water is pumped from 150 meters underground of the plant..

Our hope is that as many people as possible drinking Yomeishu will reach foreign countries and regions beyond Japan.