What is Mibyou?

Do you know ŮibyouǠ Pathology holds the concept of ŮibyouǏ This means a physical condition which is not a disease but is headed towards developing a disease. For example, it includes physical fatigue, gastrointestinal trouble, cold hands and feet, etc. These symptoms are regarded as physical signs before contracting a disease.

Mibyou indicates the condition of neither healthy nor sick.

It is said that when you have subjective symptoms even though there is no abnormal test results from a physical examination, etc., you have already been in the condition of Mibyou.

<Do you have any of these troubles?> Cold hands and feet, Accumulation of fatigue, Gastrointestinal weakness, Look pale, Unable to sleep well due to feeling cold
, Poor appetite, Feeling of fatigue when you wake up

Enhancing “the self-regulating function” is important to improve Mibyou.

The human body has a self-regulating function which maintains balanced physiological activities to cope with various internal and external impetuses and changes. In the condition of Mibyou, this function does not work well. Thus, it is important to enhance the self-regulating function to improve Mibyou.

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