knowing about Mibyou in detail

ナョibyouヌ(s the origin of preventive medicine descended from ancient China.

The word ナョibyouヌ『as first found in the Chinese medical book of ナャoteidaikei (The Yellow Emperorテヤ Classic of Internal Medicine)ヌ‖bout 2,000 years ago. In this book, it is described that just the care before becoming sick is important. This idea is accepted also in current medical treatment and Mibyou becomes the ナーrigin of preventive medicineヌ

In order to maintain good health, it is important to recognize the timing of Ůibyouǁas soon as possible and improve it.
Ůibyouǁis a physical condition heading towards the development of a disease.
Healthy body (perfect health control)  (aging, fatigue/over work, stress) -> Mibyou (gastrointestinal trouble, tending to feel fatigue, feeling the cold, feeling tired, unable to sleep well, unable to recover from fatigue, poor appetite, severe shoulder stiffness, frequent dizziness) -> Disease (a health tonic during and after illness)

If you feel just a little bit of physical trouble, it is a sign of the beginning of Mibyou.

Do you have any subjective symptoms these days, for example, feeling tired, susceptible to feeling fatigue, feeling the cold, or feeling body trouble, such as a headache, shoulder stiffness, dizziness, or insomnia?
If you carelessly think that Ŵince the test results of a physical examination were not bad, it is just a little bit of body trouble due to busy workǍ although you are conscious of these symptoms suggesting of body troubles, then you need to be cautious. Even though there were no abnormalities in hospital tests, these subjective symptoms indicate a condition of Mibyou. A symptom of Mibyou varies depending on the person. When you feel just a little bit of physical trouble, it is a sign for the beginning of Mibyou. However, there are no subjective symptoms in some cases of Mibyou. In these cases, you are not conscious of the body troubles before showing any abnormalities in the test results of physical examinations, etc. Immediate care is the important point in recovering your health when you are conscious of Mibyou.

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