Herbs and herbal liqueur

ũerbal liqueurǁis an alcoholic drink in which ũerbsǁare immersed. ũerbsǍ which have been used since ancient times for maintaining good health, dissolved in ũerbal liqueurǁbecome easier to drink, their active ingredients strengthen, and accordingly, they circulate throughout the body sufficiently to exert maximum effects.


What are herbs?

Herbs are medicines derived from natural plants. They are used after processing such as drying or cutting.

Exertion of multiplier effects by a combination of herbs

Although single herb has efficacy, use of their combination may exert new effect or extend their efficacies. The typical example of this is Kampo medicine (Japan’s traditional herbal medicine based on the traditional Chinese medicine) and the prescription to enhance the efficacy of Kampo medicine has been studied since ancient times. The combination of Kampo medicine based on each symptom is infinite (for example, the combination of plants or an addition of medicinal ingredients derived from minerals). Various prescriptions can be invented since multiplier effects of herbs are expected.

Herbs(*One animal substance is contained)

Cinnamomi CortexCarthami FlosRehmanniae RadixPaeoniae RadixCaryophylli Flos
Eucommiae CortexGinseng RadixSaposhnikoviae RadixCurcumae RhizomaLeonuri Herba
Epimedii HerbaLinderae Umbellatae RamusCistanchis Herba*Agkistrodon Japonicae

Herbal liqueur

After the study of how to drink herbs, a herbal liqueur is born

People's drinking methods of herbs have been investigated to take their efficacies efficiently. At first, they extracted the contents of herbs using boiling water and drank it. Decoction (hot water liquid) in Kampo medicine is applied during this method. It is said that soup, etc. was originally a meal for a sick people. Methods of taking herbs as they are, after finely grinding to a powder or have formed a ball are also investigated. After a variety of drinking methods had been investigated, people found a method of taking herbs after extraction of the contents directly in an alcoholic drink, which was assumed to be medicinal products from ancient times, and as people said, "Alcohol is the best medicine (Zenkanjo, Shihuozhi, 200 B.C.)".

The effects of alcohol enhance the active ingredients of herbs

In a herbal liqueur, the medicinal power of alcohol itself is not ignored. Alcohol has many effects such as enhancing appetite by supporting digestion, warming the body by improving blood circulation/blood flow, leading to a deep sleep, etc. By addition of a medicinal power of herbs into alcohol, more powerful effects compared to that of alcohol alone are exerted. Some herbs are deteriorated by heating, and accordingly, it is advantageous that their medicinal power can be extracted by immersing into alcohol. Further, it is characteristic to be a rich taste to drink favorably by the addition of alcohol. In traditional medicine of the Orient, a herbal liqueur is sometimes described as follows, "Medicines use the power of alcohol, while alcohol supports the efficacies of medicines. Medicinal power penetrates throughout the body and immediately exerts its efficacy."

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