Most common questions

Yomeishu is a herbal liqueur in which herbs are combined.  The most common questions or doubts you have will be answered here.

Q1: Why does Yomeishu improve various symptoms?

A: When you feel an environmental change or stress, sometimes you will have symptoms such as weak digestion, poor appetite, physical fatigue and feeling of chills. In most cases, these seemingly different symptoms share the same cause of poor blood circulation. And such conditions before developing a disease are called the state of "Mibyou". Yomeishu has unique characters which promote blood circulation and blood flow by the interactions of herbs and alcohol. Improving blood circulation helps the active medicinal ingredients circulate throughout the body to penetrate into the whole body. As the result of it, whole body metabolism is activated. So, Yomeishu can improve various symptoms.

Q2: How long is the effective period or preservation period?

A: Yomeishu is a herbal preparation, containing 14% alcohol and this herbal preparation can be kept well. If the seal has not been opened, it can be consumed without any change in the ingredient and effects, up to 4 years after the date of manufacturing. After opening the seal, care must be taken to make sure the seal is tightly capped all the time and consumers need not worry about deterioration of the product's quality for up to 1 year.

Q3: Can it be consumed in combination with other medicine?

A: Yomeishu is a herbal preparation. It contains no strong active ingredients, therefore it can be used in combination with other medication after 30 minutes the medication is consumed unless the consumer is weak(sensitive) to alcohol.
It is recommended to consult the physician if the consumer is on antibiotics, medication for diabetics, anti-hemocoagulants, therapeutic agents for cardiac disease, sleeping medication or tranquilizers, etc. Hospitalized patients showing acute symptoms should consult the physicians.

Q4: Can it be consumed for hypertension?

A: Yomeishu is a herbal preparation with mild action for the purpose of nourishment as a tonic and as it is taken in small dosages, it can be taken by people with hypertension.
Although it is reported that alcohol is not recommended for hypertension cases, it means only in cases whereby there is over consumption of alcohol habitually or at any one time. Therefore, a little amount of Yomeishu does not give any adverse effect to the blood pressure if the recommended dosage is taken (20mL once, 3 times a day).
With continuous consumption of Yomeishu, it is good for the blood circulation as it controls the autonomic nerve and it gives a better effect for hypersensitive cases.

Q5: Can it be consumed by diabetics?

A: Yomeishu as a tonic for nourishment is taken little by little unlike general foods, it can be used for diabetic cases.
Sweets are not good for diabetics and some may worry about the sweet Yomeishu, however, it is well known for diabetics to consume the balanced nourished ingredients within the limited total calories for each day.
Accordingly, anything can be taken within the limited amount of calories. Sweets contain less nutritive values and are liable to be taken excessively, thereby cautions are given. Yomeishu is different from ordinary foods and it is better to consider it out of the calorie-control range. In cases under strict control with diet therapy (calorie calculation), Yomeishu can be taken continuously with the calculation of about 119 k calories of 60 mL-Yomeishu per day.

Q6: When is the effect after continual consumption of the product?

A: Because of differences of physical constitution or symptoms of the persons, it is difficult to say when will the effect take place.
Usually the effects will appear with better physical conditions by continuous consumption of the product for 3 months with the specified dosage of 3 times a day before meals and/or at bedtime.

Q7: Can it be consumed during menstruation?

A: Menstruation is different from the haemorrhage associated with injury or child birth but due to original physical function, therefore, Yomeishu can be taken continuously during menstruation.
However, if an irregular haemorrhage is suspected, consumption of Yomeishu should be stopped and a physician should be consulted.

Q8: Can it be consumed after a stomach operation?

A: Yomeishu is a nourishing tonic with mild actions being manufactured by brewing natural medicines. Yomeishu acts in elevating the function of each organ in the body naturally. As a result, it improves the health of the whole body. Even in cases of stomach and intestines operations, it may be taken about one month after the operation if the clinical course is favourable. For the time being after operation, dosage is 10 mL or to be diluted in double with water thus, it should be taken continuously while observing the physical condition.

Our hope is that as many people as possible drinking Yomeishu will reach foreign countries and regions beyond Japan.